Hole Mole, the faster safer way to fill core holes

With the HoleMole Core Hole Filling System, you can plug and fill a core hole from above without ever having to go below, climb a ladder, affix a board, operate a lift or use a power tool. And, you can fill a hole from start to finish in less than a minute.

The HoleMole 3-Step Process

1. Lower Mole through the hole

Connect threaded rod to Mole, lower through hole (it will collapse to fit) and pull back up so Mole plugs bottom of the hole. Prep hole per job site specification.

2. Connect to the Mole Stand

Slide Mole Stand over hole, guiding threaded rod through the slot until it is in the center of the stand. Connect threaded rod to stand using SpeedNut.

3. Fill the hole, break off rod

Connect Speed Chute to stand and pour hole filling product through chute and down hole. Smooth product flush with surface. Remove Mole Stand and break off rod once set.

The HoleMole System

Mole expandable hole plugs – the key to the HoleMole system are these clever expandable hole plugs. Called Moles, they are made of 16-gauge galvanized steel and available in 5 sizes and they feature one-way collapsible flaps around the perimeter. You attach a threaded aluminum rod to the center of the Mole and when you lower the Mole down through a core hole the flaps collapse until the Mole emerges through the bottom of the hole. Pull the Mole back up against the bottom of the hole and the flaps stop in position, plugging the hole and preparing it for filling.

  • Expansion flaps are removable so you can modify the Mole to work around plumbing, HVAC supports and the like. Larger Mole sizes (#4 and #5) feature stability ribs for added strength

  • Bendable tabs on sizes #2—#5 provide proper resting position and even faster installation for wall applications

  • Larger Mole sizes (4 and 5) feature stability ribs for added strength

Mole Stand

Mole Stand

Once your Mole is in position, you hold it in place by connecting the threaded rod to the heavy-duty Mole Stand, a stout, three-legged steel apparatus that you position directly above the core hole.



A revolutionary and patented oversized nut that attaches to the opposite end of the threaded rod from the Mole and connects the rod to the Mole Stand to hold the Mole in ready position. The SpeedNut is unique in that you do not have to turn it. You simply depress a button plunger which disengages it from the threads so you can slide it into position. Then, simply re-engage and turn to final tighten. Using a SpeedNut is a big-time saver.

Speed Chute

Speed Chute

Once you have the Mole in place the core hole is prepared for filling. Speed Chute is a formed 10-gauge aluminum device into which you pour your hole-filling product. Speed Chute securely slides into slots on the Mole Stand at a slight angle and guides product to the center of the hole as you pour making filling the hole fast, clean and easy.

Wall Applicator

Wall Applicator

Wall Applicator is made to fill core holes through vertical surfaces. The Mole is inserted horizontally through the hole, then the connecting rod goes through the Wall Applicator, which is then fastened to the wall. The Mole and rod are held in place with the SpeedNut and the hole filled through the chute at the top.

  • #1. 2″—3″

  • #2. 3″—4.5″

  • #3. 4.5″—6.75″

  • #4. 6.75″—9.5″

  • #5. 9.5″—12.5″

Core hole fill calculator

Total Bags Required

* Each bag denotes a 50lb bag of Non-Shrink Grout
- 1 - 50lb. Bag = 0.43 Cubic Feet

The problem with the traditional way of filling core holes

The traditional method for filling core holes calls for one to go to the floor below to install a plywood board to the underside of the hole as a plug to prepare for filling. This can take a fair amount of time and involve climbing ladders, using power lifts and using power tools, all possible safety issues, as well as disrupting whatever might be happening on that floor.

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